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Verónica Lehner


About Verónica 

Colombian artist, Verónica Lehner's work is the result of her exploration between space and painting. Her practice examines possible interactions between medium, architecture, and changing matter. Whereby the starting point for her work unravels form spatial and material properties, which are considered active agents that investigate how these properties affect and influence people's actions and shape our relationship with the environment.
Integrating post-minimalist theories within her practice, her initial interest in painting expands into sculpture and site-specific installations as the body, architecture, and materials of the environment are incorporated into the process of making. In this way, her works are molded as a specific response to the place where they happen and in doing so they imply new ways of going through it, interpreting it, and describing it. 


Her most recent series seek the possibilities of painting as a spatial tool, ‘Monocromo’, ‘Suspender’ and ‘Formaciones’, Verónica did various experiments and succeeded in turning acrylic paint into a kind of plasticine, an object without support, that she could knead, stretch, or mould to her liking. With this incredible mastery of the concept of materiality as a process, the paint exists not merely to colour and cover another surface, but to stand in its own right and take up space of its own. It becomes an installation that leaves the two-dimensional.


Lehner's works are living confrontations of tension and forces made by variations in the time that reveal matter not only as malleable but as an unfinished, continuing process without gearing towards a final form but remains in a perpetual state of becoming.

Selected Works

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