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Mateo Cohen Monroy
Verónica Lehner
Jhonatan Pulido

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Exhibition Highlights

Photography by Cesare di Giglio, Courtesy of Cromwell Place.

Exhibition Info

Casa AmaCord is pleased to present Modus Picturae, featuring a selection of works by 3 Colombian artists whose practices invite us to discover the underlying, unspoken assumptions around materiality and process art. Modus Picturae proposes a critical exercise whereby the more traditional definitions of the medium can be blurred. Thus inviting the viewer to discover the many meanings that can be found within the concept of painting and its capacity for reinvention.

Unlike artworks that try to disguise how they are made, maintaining an illusion that exceeds their medium, these works reveal the exercise of their making, providing a renewed and expanded definition of the act of painting. The artists here achieve a poetic effect in the simplest ways, breaking through the essence of the aesthetic experience, with works that through form and execution place emphasis on the process of artistic creation rather than the final outcome, where its craftsmanship confers pride and meaning into the painting.


Drawing from cultural values, the artists reveal their relationship with each medium. Thus, painting materials are not fixed conditions, but rather part of a continually evolving enterprise, enabling the viewer to unfold the malleability of the surface and how the medium can harbour hybrid meanings. These fresh and compelling works emphasise the way they have been built; others focus on the way materials relate to one another. Thus a sculpture can be made of paint if one considers not only coloration but the cumulative pictorial matter, support, and even the surrounding space.

Installation Views

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