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Vanessa Gómez


About Vanessa 

Vanessa Gómez's weaving works are a celebration of the existence of ancestral knowledge that has shaped her territory, with an aesthetic that manifests that ephemeral balance, implicit in contemporaneity. With fabric as the protagonist, her work not only has a poetic relationship with the utopian structure of society but is also directly related to the territory and by consequence to the resources derived from nature. Her pieces are a tribute to the manual work carried out by weavers, who with extensive knowledge inherited from indigenous ancestors, enhance the textile tradition and carry out their work consciously and responsibly towards the environment.


Vanessa's body of work is built around the reflection on sustained traditions and trades of Latin American weaving techniques, which represent an exercise of resistance in the face of the hasty rhythms of life and contemporary production. In her work, rhythm is present and consistent with her way of “pulling the strings”, always fluctuating in accordance with the developments in loom and sewing, where repetition and order contrast the inaccuracies of manual processes that induce the manus x machina repartee.

"Nature and the territory are my sources of inspiration for each project, they reveal my concern to understand the place of our wildest side in a time in which the promise of the future depends on this relationship. If we go back in history, we find how our indigenous ancestors had a more prudent relationship with the land where customs, rituals and other expressions of culture were intimately linked to the rhythms of nature."


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