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taller sin borde


About Taller Sin Borde

Taller Sin Borde is an artisanal studio founded by Ana Maria Jimenez. Her practice steamed from her urge to understand the relationship between the materials, the tools and the intentions from another time. Her work  treasures the value of physical time and the traces of stone  left on the metal,  which render each of her pieces to be loaded with meaning.


Ana Maria carried out an extensive investigation process in pre-Colombian jewelry where she explored the techniques based on the theories produced by museums and academic researchers. Within this exploration, she found the stone tools created by Ricardo Rojas, which invited her to find another way to dialogue with the medium and rhythm of work.  

With her sculptural pieces, Ana Maria demonstrates the imbalance of opposing forces in our time, through objects made with pre-Hispanic techniques of metals and stones. Each fragment is made with processes that asked her to find ulterior rhythms. Blow by blow, she transforms her pieces with stone tools, highlighting the intentions and thoughts that remain embedded in the objects.

"My work starts from an intimate relationship with doing, with the constant observation of materials and tools. What I transform, has a direct correspondence with what I perceive of the environment and my interior, in a constant movement of the inside and the outside. I find a way to move, from millimetres to meters, from a drawing to an object, from detail to space, and from a video to an installation.


I allow myself the game of scales and move in those in which I can modify the matter with my body. I question the way of understanding disciplines and the invisible barriers between them. Putting elements in dialogue that apparently have no themes in common allows me to erase the borders between disciplines to create an Atlas of tools and bodies without categories."


Ana Maria Jimenez 

Selected Works

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