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Studio Lenca


About Studio Lenca

Jose Campos goes by the name Studio Lenca. ‘Studio’ refers to a space for experimentation, a laboratory for praxis; ‘Lenca’ links the artist to the Meso-American indigenous people of eastern El Salvador.

Studio Lenca paints through the problems of his own sense of belonging to defy the narrative surrounding his Latinx community. The artist manipulates visibly Latinx cues which he recalibrates, creating a joyful world filled with collaged sopresa wrappers, colones, cargo sacks, and indigo paste are used as triggers for collective reimagining. 
Studio Lenca crafts a world where Latinx figures have dignity. Crowned with extravagant hats and bold colours, it is an altogether different sensibility to a childhood of forced assimilation and secrecy. 


"‘When people ask me where I’m from, I never know how to answer. Born in El Salvador, growing up illegally in California then spending my adult life in the UK. What does that question mean and why do people ask it?’"

Studio Lenca

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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