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Stefanía Tejada


About Stefanía 

Contemporary Muses

Colombian artist Stefanía Tejada explores and studies the female spirit, the identity of womanhood, and the evolution of women’s figures over time. Through a palette of bright and contrasting colors, her women are variant in physiognomy and attitude. Her muses are presented with a variety of complexions and styling elements fittingly depicted against beautiful mosaic backgrounds or luscious tropical flora, as a call back to nature as the source of all life and knowledge. 


Stefanía brings her Colombian heritage into the global discourse, through her signature challenging gazes and an exploration of the body, space, and nature, Tejada responds to the social concept of beauty and the empowerment of the contemporary woman.


"My women tend to hide as much as they reveal. I think that, in some sense, they also try to look into the viewer or to make the viewer look inside themselves. They guide the viewer into capturing a feeling, thought, emotion or memory, to find within themselves. They push us to ask difficult questions and dare to face the answers and hunt for the darkest part of our being. You can only balance the self by dancing with both personas, the light and the dark, the day and the night".


Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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