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Samuel Lasso


About Samuel

Samuel was born in Pasto and studied in Buenos Aires. His projects are born out of a process of observation wherein sociological and demographic contexts play a central role in understanding our surroundings. By using different materials, he composes installations and pieces that, from their compositions, connect and map elements that are dissimilar in the first impression.


Lasso's work is materialized in drawings, photos, maps, objects and other less categorized formats. His samples of land, inside small three-dimensional plastic bags, look like a great detailed painting in colored pencil. His drawings in black graphite on white sheets become three-dimensional objects extracted from the roots of a mountain, tactile and fragrant. On the other hand, raw and intact stones reveal an expanded linearity on a continuous plane, canceling out the ornamental side that the organic object generally has out of its context.

"I began to resort to the landscape because many of the artists in my region did it and that is why all the houses had paintings of the peasant and indigenous genre. I grew up with them and it has been a constant since I was a child. Today, however, I also work with the anthropological, geological, and social part and I present it from different points of view and techniques or materials."

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

Coming Soon

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