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About Salvaje by María Cano

Salvaje is a ceramics studio founded in Colombia by María Cano. The studio was born from the need to transform and create with one’s hands, rescuing the slow, conscious and careful creation and production processes that go against consumerism and the production of industrial objects. The brand is the manifestation of an intuition, of a journey, of an experience, it is the becoming of spontaneity and intuition. The secret to María’s achievement of resistant pieces of extreme visual delicacy is found in the balance between a firm yet delicate hand, and a lot of patience. 


Maria is inspired by nature, the origin of things and environments that maintain their original characteristics, which is reflected in her ceramics. With the interest of rescuing traditional crafts and caring for the environment, Maria uses clay that is mined from a self-sustaining natural quarry, in the small pottery community of Juana Sánchez, on the banks of the Magdalena River. Her pieces are constructed from a pre-Hispanic technique of working with clay, a tradition still preserved among its people. The ceramicist seeks to dialogue, learn about and make visible the history behind this immaterial ancestral knowledge.

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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