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Rafael dussan


About Rafael

Rafael Dussan is a Colombian artist who focuses his work on the representation of the human body, the human condition, and sensuality based on a clear Renaissance influence, and in recent years, the exploration of themes related to the history of Latin America and Colombia in particular. 


Dussan conveys the tradition of masters like Goya, da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Schiele through his own gaze. The strength of his language lies in the gesture and unmistakable lines. In the delineation of the form, the artist begins to draw directly with the brush, in a seemingly casual and incomplete gesture in counterpoint with the color and the atmosphere. The figures take on importance and body in the speed and mastery of the brushstroke, through subtle touches of charcoal, to indicate definitions and areas of shadow and parsimonious strokes which do not completely delimit a contour, but rather suggest the anatomy.


The development of his work is a search for the knowledge of human nature, together with the constant experimentation of drawing and painting. Dussan always maintains a great wealth of research and a variety of techniques and supports, among others, canvas, paper, and wood. His uninterrupted sketchbooks and studies are full of the same gesture, made with charcoal, pencil, acrylics, and inks. It is about the infinite study of an artist whose search cannot be exhausted.

Selected Works

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