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Studio Wayne McGregor, London

October 27, 2020 



The 1926 ballet, La Pastorale was an exemplary of the breadth of revolutionary dances performed by the Ballets Russes.


The pas de deux intended to present the artists' envision of Dubrovska’s and Lifar’s variation, which was lost from ballet repertoires after 1929. Its envision came as the result of the research and the studio work between Fernando Montaño and Estefanía Amaya. 


Their aim was to showcase the variation’s relevance in understanding George Balanchine’s early choreographic praxis, which led to the transformation of classical ballet by expanding its vocabulary and advancing partnering conventions.

Mario Mise - Costume Design 

Kristina Nikl - Assistant Costume Designer

Rupert Earl - Photography

Carlotta Roma - Set Design

This project was greatly indebted to the collaboration of reconstruction authorities:


Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer. (Ballets Old & New)

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