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Mirron Studio

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About Mirrøn

Founded by Juan Camilo Montenegro, Mirrøn is a ceramic studio based in Bogotá. Its name comes from the children’s fable ‘Mirringa Mirronga’ by Colombian poet Rafael Pombo, which Juan Camilo memorized as a child. The story speaks of two characters, Mirrin and Mirrón, who are asked to set the table and arrange the dining room for a visit. A fitting name for the personal ceramic creations that reflect his feelings and his aesthetics, and devotion to the domestic space. 


In his workshop, Juan Camilo explores the possibilities of clay as a material for creation. His ceramic designs reflect the study of tubular and symmetrical forms, they are minimalist and sophisticated, shifting between the utilitarian and the sculptural within an aesthetic that has become characteristic of his brand. The use of subdued colors supports the shape to predominate and stand out. His designs play to keep themselves in balance, requiring all the artist’s concentration to achieve homeostasis.

Selected Works

Mirron for La Tienda

Edition No.1 Colombianisms

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