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Marco Tulio


About Marco

Born in Medellin, Colombia. Marco Tulio's oeuvre alludes to a dash of magical realism that touches on the surreal and metaphysical by way of hyper-realistic figurations.


Marco Tulio began his artistic endeavors at a very early age; with both of his parents as artists, Marco has been painting since he was very young. His father,  Guillermo Espinosa instilled in him an appreciation of color but Marco practiced, refined, and perfected his classically inspired scenes.

His human figures are contemporary renderings of the Classical figure; meanwhile, he adds elements of surrealism and plays with color and texture making each piece seem impossibly real. Beyond the chiseled bodies and near-to-perfect, idealised human figures, he pays homage to his South American heritage providing elements of mythology and mystical imagery that is unique to a Marco Tulio painting. 

His works are held in the collection of the Vancouver Opera. 

Selected Works

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