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Marcela MCcormick

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About Marcela

Marcela is a graphic designer and visual artist living and working in Paris. She has developed her personal artistic practice around illustration, painting and textile work. Her use of different mediums and techniques at different scales allows a relationship of the work with the space, oscillating between the two-dimensional of the pictorial and the three-dimensional installations.


Colorful and crossed with elements of nature, as she draws inspiration from past memories, her unique paintings on silk reflect a strong influence of exotic landscapes. Through this territory, now distant yet still familiar, she illustrate a narrative of her own context and exploration of the inner more intimate world, and reflects on questions of identity, feminine instinct, tradition and memory.

 “The materials I use for my artistic production are directly related to handicraft work. I’ve been working lately on textiles and silk paint has been a whole journey and a discovery since I’ve been producing in Paris.”


Selected Works

M for La Tienda

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