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Laura Jiménez


About Laura 

Laura Jiménez Galvis is a Colombian artist whose practice is strongly carried by a sense of history. Her work focuses on the notion of transience and its connection to the perpetually oscillating ideas of absence, permanence, enigma, and transmutation. Taking form in scale models, props, artists books and works on fabric, she bases her practice in the use of photography –from analogue black and white to high and low-res digital processes– to discover and recover the past by photographing art and history collections, natural history museums, and –more recently– the remnant of a lost library. The resulting images are indistinctly printed, cut, creased and fold to convert them into new paper objects. Her work is informed by a multitude of sources, from the history of art and architecture, cinema, psychoanalysis, and is strongly influenced by the world of theatre and drama, by familiar connection.

Parallel to her artistic practice, she has been commissioned photographer and image specialist for gallery spaces, museum publications, and art books, documenting the objects and spaces of art, an exercise which has thoroughly informed her own creative practice.


She has worked with Carolee Schneemann or Peter Beard, among others, and was commissioned photographer of the cover of the inaugural edition of The Magazine of The Artist’s Institute (New York), under the artistic direction of Pierre Huyghe and Jenny Jaskey, which obtained Most Beautiful Book of the Year by the Swiss Federal Design Awards.

Selected Works

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