To facilitate the exchange between artistic disciplines, in order to foster creativity, cultural innovation, and advance a dialogue amongst Latin American artistic practices.

From the Romagnolo “A m'arcord”, analogous to “Io mi ricordo”, meaning (“I remember”), presently used in the Italian language as a neologism signifying “profound, ironic or nostalgic revocation”.


However, one can attribute ulterior lexical fantasies to its nomenclature. The term can be broken down into ulterior spanish contractions, such as “amar” (to love) and “acordar” (to remind). Let's say it's a nested word, an interpretational “Open Sesame”.


Casa Amacord aims to further the exploration and exchange of ideas around heritage, craftsmanship, and culture; allowing practitioners to create career-defining research, commissions, and collaborations.

Who we Are

Casa AmaCord is an independent art advisory championing an eclectic roster of Latin American emerging and established artists and designers.

What we do

Through institutional projects and curated exhibitions merging fine and decorative arts, Casa AmaCord intends to add new voices to the Art historical canon by forging international collaborations where creatives may reflect, present, and discuss their common practices and unrealised projects.

how we do it

Stemming from this new light of heritage, vision, and passion, Casa AmaCord constitutes an umbrella concept promoting several yearly key projects that seek out the most innovative creations, foster the artistic collaboration, and cross-practice exploration through exhibition programming and institutional projects in the cities of London, and Paris. 

How we care

Art has the profound ability to change our social consciousness and inspire real change. However, preserving the past, educating the present and shaping the future comes at an obvious cost. We believe that the privileged experience of art should not come at the expense of the environment. 


Our modus operandi is designed to reduce and offset our carbon footprint as well as support climate-focused initiatives while our programming involves an effort to embed environmental subjects and methods throughout. We view, foster, and talk about art in ways that effect change and complement the work of education and science to protect the world art inhabits.