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Juliana Bernal


About Juliana

Juliana Bernal is a plastic artist based in Bogota. Her three-dimensional abstract compositions create a dialogue amongst materials such as cotton textiles, plaster, artisanal fishing nets, gold, silver and copper leafs.


Juliana found in motherhood the creative impulse of her work, with the intention of generating an entity that embraces, welcomes and delves into the energetic bonds that unite humans. Her work proposes a series of visual and spatial relationships that translate the affective language of care and union between mother and child through the exercise of folding and weaving paper into modulations, volumes and geometric compositions. The derived forms evoke the experience of bonding and recollection, which awaken a kinetic effect, suggestive of cyclical movements.


Juliana's visual language results from the transposition of her emotional becoming and the conscious exploration of her enunciative place as a mother. Her compositions are defined by rhythm, sequences and chromatic gradations which are arranged in a manner that respond to a psychological purpose that immerses the viewer in the moods that inspired the work. Her judiciously defined palette is traversed by primary tones that allude to the origin and force of life: yellows and golds that suggest light, value and beauty; blue, representing harmony and fidelity; and red, which invokes vitality and joy. These nuances are complemented by earthy tones that speak of roots and the natural; and white, symbolising spiritual purity, beginning and renewal.

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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