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Two Women Boxing, 2021 Oil on linen, 58.5 x 54 x 2 in.png

Jeffly Molina


About Jeffly

Memory and home are, precisely, two of the pillars that support Jeffly Molina’s work. Her paintings are inspired by personal history and daily life in places she has lived in Venezuela and the United States. Painting from photographs that she stages and shoots at home or in her studio, she creates still-life and figurative compositions to reflect on her experience of home, family, and work. These works present a survey of people, rituals, and experiences that have shaped her life and identity. 

These images that traffic in everyday life and a history of migration speak of what life is made of: memories, family, work, loss, and love.


"My recent paintings are a survey of people and events that have shaped my life and identity. They reference the years that preceded my birth, my childhood in Venezuela, and my life as an adult in the United States. My work provides tentative answers to the question: how does one become what one is? Some of the images that I create are from a time that I never knew, of a Venezuela of yesterday, of my parents growing up in a family not yet dispersed as a result of the dictatorship. Other images are inspired by my memories and moments of the present, specifically my experience of marriage and work in the U.S"

Jeffly Molina

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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