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Hermes Berrío


About Hermes

Re-imagining visions of a cultural and personal landscape


Hermes Berrío (b. 1980, Colombia), transitioned to a global environment from early on, living between Bogota, Florence and New York, enabling him to expand his boundaries while exposing him to new opportunities. Ever since moving to Miami, he has grown his artistic career, finding inspiration through the city’s rich landscape and cultural diversity.


His practice captures the significance of everyday life, relating the grand scope that emphasizes both the mundane and the extraordinary. His urban style embedded within mixed media utilises materials ranging from oil and aerosol, to textiles and gold leaf. In addition to carrying out a physical examination, Berrio conducts a conceptual survey, with reality as the foundation of his practice, creating a vibrant narrative and a personal reflection on the world. He continues to find inspiration in these unusual and yet commonplace experiences, by exploring the complexity of such simple moments and rendering them on a monumental scale.


Hermes currently lives and works in Miami. He received his BFA from New York, University (2005). He has completed a number of murals, with the most recent installations throughout the city of Miami. In 2018 he was awarded a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and in 2019 from the Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation. He has been a Fountainhead Studio artist resident since May 2019 and is represented by Fabien Castanier Gallery in Miami.

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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