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Devin Osorio


About Devin


Devin Osorio (b. 1993, New York) grew up as a first-generation Dominican American in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. His works are infused with inherited magical realism, as well as permeated by an array of symbols and icons that originate from songs, memories narratives, and stereotypes of the Dominican/New Yorker.


Osorio takes inspiration from his Dominican culture and folkloric traditions, including a strong emphasis on textile patterns. These cultural influences merge with biographical details from Osorio’s lived experience, yielding paintings that function as secular reliquaries, commemorating a life lived between cultures.

"I aim to heal myself and unlock the parts of my person that I chose to hide for survival. Doing so allows me to be more fully open with myself and with others, which produces honest artwork".

Devin Osorio

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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