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Danielle Lafaurie


About Danielle

Danielle Lafaurie, founder behind her eponymous brand, is not a conventional creative. Through her love for crafts and nature, the talented Colombian designer is always looking for a way to integrate diverse disciplines in creative proposals that communicate the essence of Latin America, while further contributing to the ‘GLOCAL’ concept.

A collector of treasures, she draws inspiration from historical pieces of her native heritage as well as from exotic concepts from India which have undoubtedly permeated her work, to ultimately create her own design story.


Each of her jewels are works of art seeking to awaken curiosity, fascinate with their details and reveal meaningful stories where they are the protagonists. The pieces are made in coconut palm by artisans, which requires special care and delicate handling. They are then coated in 24K gold. No two are alike and are inspired by the animals of the region, which are part of the popular Colombian imagination.

The Animal Family for La Tienda

Edition No.1 Colombianisms

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