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About Verdi

Founded in 2015 Verdi, offers a unique immersion into Colombian tradition. Through the recovery of artisanal techniques, Verdi has established its multidimensional design studio combining craftsmanship with luxury; to create homeware, fashion, and art pieces with a distinctive identity.


Verdi is the creator of a unique type of bespoke rug that combines natural fibers with select materials. Verdi’s workshop hand-weaves these contemporary textiles remaining faithful to the Colombian artistic practices upon which the company was founded, elevating their homeware to become art pieces. Their creative process grants each piece emotional ingenuity and freedom. Under the creative direction of Tomás Vera, Verdi’s design lab and design teams are constantly experimenting with traditional techniques and rare materials. 


Through a connection with craft, Tomás envisions unique, conceptual, hand-woven pieces for design galleries and collectors. 

Selected Works

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