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A series of performances conceived by Casa AmaCord for Luz Lizarazo’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art Bogota (MAMBO). 28.08.2021 — 06.02.2022


Cicatrices arose from Luz Lizarazo's artistic observations on the interior of the body and skin. Both the performance and happenings are a kinetic echo to the artist’s practice, her views regarding the interior of the body and skin as a conduit of physical vulnerability. 


Choreographed by Sarah Storer, artistic director of the Teatro Mayor Dance Company, whose artistic concerns delve into how bodies inhabit space and how relationships fluctuate within it. Whereby dancers interact with a material of predilection for the artist: veiled stockings.


Presented within the museum space, these happenings focus on a reflection on the artist's work and how every human is confined under the threshold of their skin, as well as explore this organ as an element of vulnerability that impacts our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.

Cicatrices is a symbiotic creation that sublimates performance art, activates the museum space and lauds the artist's work. 

Extract from Cicatrices

Teatro Mayor Dancers:

Juan David Cardenas

Bryan Corredor

Veronica Espinoza

Frey Gonzales

Santiago Mariño

Sophie Negret

Santiago Rojas

Milena Salazar

19082021sin títulolibros de ayer-F72A8833.JPG



Curation: Eugenio Viola

Choreography: Sarah Storer

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