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About Carm Works

Carm Works Studio is a design studio established by Colombian designer Camilo Andres Rodriguez Marquez.


Camilo is interested in the stories that can be woven into the making of a piece, encouraging us to understand how nature is embodied in everything and everyone. From the first perception of the finished piece, glimpsing of imperfections in the nature of the material, to the process of the craftsman’s work and techniques involved, all come together, revealing the sum of its transformation, and thus a story begins to unveil.


Through authenticity and tradition, Camilo commits to finding uniqueness, a balance between nature and expression, elegance and imperfection, simplicity, and precision, while keeping comfort at the forefront. Inspired by natural and urban landscapes, while exploring Pre-Colombian iconography, his designs, where wood is the base of everything, combine a prominent contrast between light and heaviness reminiscent of Modernist furniture. They are finished with a traditional Japanese preservation technique that carbonizes the wood to improve its durability. The result reveals the imperfections in the deep and rich material as well as their inner nature. Wood as a living being, devolving to ashes, merely another state, through fire as an element of transformation.

Camilo is a Colombian-born designer with a degree in Industrial Design from Colombia (FUAC) and Mexico (UNAM). 

"My hope is that we become attuned with what surrounds us in a sensorial and emotional state, by perceiving these pieces within a story of creation. This is why I want to demonstrate where it originated from and its relationship with the craftsman. This journey leaves a trace that can be seen in those imperfections and details that the artlessness of the handicraft possesses".


Selected Works

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