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Carlos Castro Arias

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About Carlos

Carlos’ interdisciplinary practice stems from the appropriation of historical images and artistic forms of representation, as well as a formal and symbolic re-contextualisation of found objects. His use of pre-existent images or objects that have a previous macro history generates a temporal image of the past that confronts the present by creating new micro-histories that are connected throughout time. 


His oeuvre is the visual manifestation of a historical fascination, which aims to highlight muted stories and overlooked points of view, which often provoke new layers of meaning. Carlos explores elements of individual and collective identity with a certain pre-established nomenclature set by politics and culture. The concept of identity is very personal to the artist as a means to better comprehend his country and places that have had a deep impact on him. Carlos’s investigation connects unseemly periods in time, allowing one to redefine the past by confronting history with the contemporary outlook. His use of unusual materials including blood, and teeth belonging to more personal history, aim to provide a particular kind of energy, that would otherwise be non-existent.

Selected Works

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