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Andrea Domínguez Ramírez


About Andrea


The Medellín-born artist Andrea Domínguez Ramírez illustrates her perception of time passing, materializing it in lines, cuts, folds, and weavings in paper fabric. Without right or wrong, without beginning or end, everything is connected through the medium. 


She presents a renewal of the traditional techniques of work on paper, ranging from a more figurative approach to sensory and spatial elements. It is a daily exercise of making a detailed and slow prayer without words with her hands.


Andrea’s practice oscillates between drawing, sculpture, and space, following simple rules like a repeated game that each time leads her on a different path. Her pieces are created from the processing, editing, and exploration of fabric, empty sacred silence, time, fragility, landscape, and craft. Through repetition, she pursues without a dogma the sensation of the sacred, the silence, and the emptiness.

Selected Works

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