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Alejandra Aristizabal

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About Alejandra

Alejandra was born in Manizales, Colombia in 1987, in the midst of Andean natural landscapes, coffee grounds, and environmental diversity. 


She started exploring Fique while learning about the process from local growers and decided to focus on this material to create pieces that have a purpose and highlight a sense of collaboration, sustainability, and love for mother earth. She aims to open conversations about nature, social narratives, and manual traditions. 

From my place as an artist I wish to open conversations about nature, social narratives and manual traditions. I feel the need to be a part of this, aiming to connect and open an empathic visual space of communication and reflection. I believe in art with a purpose. Environmental purpose, social purpose and aesthetic purpose”. 


Alejandra Aristizabal 

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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