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Adriel visoto


About Adriel




Adriel Visoto (B. 1987, Brazópolis, MG – Brazil) Is a visual artist who uses traditional painting techniques to create contemporary images based solely on personal experience or taken from snapshots which he then sketches and transposes into the canvas. Visoto’s practice mainly features a series of meticulously composed vignettes rendered in oil and a reduced, almost monochromatic palette.


Drawing from a broad range of film references, Adriel's snapshots channel the contemporary zeitgeist of solitude within a big metropolis (often reminiscent of Hopper's spirit). Some renderings are utilised as a way to materialize private, confessional, and autobiographical narratives, which creates a unique atmosphere. Whereby he paints in smaller formats, in an attempt to establish a closer and more intimate relationship with the viewer. 

Selected Works

Exhibitions with CA

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